Be a Speaker

Are you excited about sharing your special view of the world?  Does your subject matter align with one of AwakeCon’s timelines?  If so, we want to hear from you.

  • Free Energy Initiatives
  • New Technology
  • Community Planning
  • Cannabis / Psilocybin applications 
  • Natural Healing / Medical advancements
  • Space Travel / Colonization
  • Communing with non-physical counterparts
  • Crystals and their applications
  • Mechanics of creation
  • Visualization workshops
  • Alternate communication (intuition, heat, color, pressure, bi-verbal)
  • Nature and its role
  • Doubt elimination
  • Viewpoint shifting / shapeshifting
  • Working with non-physical counterparts
  • Serving others on alternate timelines
  • Proactive people of service
  • Lightworker / Lightwarrior subjects
  • Twin Flames 
  • Creative content:  movies, games, VR
  • Galactic Heritage / Starseeds
  • Avatar redesign
  • Integrating with Extraterrestrials

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