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We’re looking for sponsors with a conscious conscience.  

If you have a product or service aimed at elevating humanity to a more unified, joyous and positive outlook, then we would love to collaborate with you.

Galactic Sponsor

If you have always dreamt of top billing, then this option is for you. We love neon around here...especially if it blinks.

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Gold sponsor

You know what they say about "all that glitters," so if you don't want to blink right now, then there's still room for you to shine.

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Silver Sponsor

It's the haircolor of the future; and we're all invited to that party. Celebrate early by contributing what you can, while you can.

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Crystal Sponsor

Every solid structure needs a foundation spread across a surface area. Your contribution helps others sparkle.

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Secret Sponsor

Light works in many ways. Sometimes it's behind the scenes. If you want to help (but tell no one), let us know.

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Individual Sponsor

Contribute because you're called to. Your name will be added to the Galactic Sponsor Board for all to see.

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