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New Earth Timeline

Do you dream of a world that’s always sunny?

Would you like to celebrate unity, share ideas and free energy, and employ natural healing techniques to maintain a balanced physical / spiritual co-existence? 

If you dream of the day when you can grab coffee on the corner with an extraterrestrial hybrid friend, then this Timeline is for you. 

Were you the weirdo that made stuff move around the classroom when you were a kid (before you were told to stop dreaming)? 

Do you hear colors?
Smell sounds?
Know when your friend is about to call?
Have more invisible friends than physical ones?

This Timeline is for those who want to master the mechanics of conscious creation—Time Tinkerers!   Shape Shifters!   Internal Tourists!

Through the use of both the inner and outer senses, you will learn techniques to transcend time and space while you ramp up your life experience in a radical way.

Call yourself a Lightworker?  A Starseed? Are you an actor, an artist, a movie producer or just freakishly addicted to virtual reality games? 

We’re all about “Souls playing Roles” on this Earthly game board, and we want to do it in a big—and responsible—way.

If you’ve ever dreamt about being a secret agent, a superhero, or wanted to star in your own film, this Timeline is for you.

 Welcome, “Hologramiac” !! We’re thrilled to help you co-create your adventure.

When you just can’t get enough of polarity. 

There’s always SOMEONE out to get someone, for sure.

Aliens, evil governments, Dark Forces.  So many theories to give life some contrast.

It’s Light vs Dark!

Good vs Evil! 

Us vs Them. 

This Timeline is for you if:

  • You love exploring power-drilled rabbit holes.
  • You wonder what an alien invasion would really be like.
  • You want to collaborate on the rebalancing of society’s power structure.