Kimberly Darwin - AwakeCon speaker

Kimberly Darwin


Yourself in 5 words:

Your location:

West Hollywood, CA

Your life in <200 words:

This is my 867th–and final–life as a human.

The last hurrah. The grand finale. The home stretch. Corporeal Earth and all of her beauty will be in my rear-view mirror soon…in about 100 years.

And yes, I’ll be keeping the same body, because I have come to love it.

Who wants their retirement party to be over and done with so quickly? Hell no, I’m celebrating my graduation with as many Earthly pleasures as I can stuff into this final century of human physicality. Tacos, travel, motorcycles, fast cars, plants, and long walks in the Hollywood Hills.

The weirdest synchronicity you’ve ever had:

A packet of three contact lenses that showed up both in my bathroom, and two miles away on a lawn in Beverly Hills.

Your favorite era on Earth (medieval, Victorian, etc):

Henry VIII (Pretty sure he beheaded me but I still love him)

Your perfect Earth would look like: