Maranda Woody - AwakeCon speaker

Maranda Woody


Yourself in 5 words:

Your location:

Philadelphia, PA

Your life in <200 words:

You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl…for the first time! And I plan on squeezing every ounce of experience and adventure out of it that I can, while escorting humanity back to the higher realms along the way!

A philly girl who loves astrology, beautiful old things, beautiful new things, a great party, hilarious people, gummy candy, stories about badass historical women, and is always down for an adventure.

The weirdest synchronicity you’ve ever had:

The one with Rick Moranis.
I was thinking that I didn’t have any precognitive abilities one day and that evening I bought a box of miniature truffles for Galentine’s Day. In the car on my drive home I thought that everything is better in miniature, even Rick Moranis. The very next morning I read an interview with Rick Moranis who had just announced his part in a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids revival.

Your favorite era on Earth (medieval, Victorian, etc):

The fashionable 1950s & 60s

Your perfect Earth would look like:

Lots of greenspace, beautiful flowers and ponds full of swans. Full of happy, carefree, and loving people who greet you with elaborate cheese boards. Dogs that don’t poop. No periods. Judgement-free. Incredibly realistic faux leather and faux lamb chops. Open to light-hearted pettiness. More troubadours.

Anything else you would like put in your profile:

Current Motto: Why not?!