drawing of Flora

The carpet hunters

co-creative directors - represented by flora, of the manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

Yourself in 5 words:

Your location:

Multi-dimensional Founders, Orion, Andromeda, Sirius Aquatic, Arcturus, Lyra, Zeta Reticuli, New Earth, Venus, Sol.

Your life in <200 words:

Life needs no words, but we will humor you.

We are a group of physical, and non-physical, artists. We co-create art installations that span Time and Space, in your terms.

One of our current “period pieces” addresses the theme of Earth’s upliftment in frequency.  Much like artists on your planet create art to draw attention to injustices in your societies, we install pieces that call attention to your true multi-dimensional nature, which is largely forgotten on your Earth. Our ranks include many masters: Of color, texture, temperature, pressure, density, and sound, to name a few.

Many of the great painters, musicians, mathematicians, and timeless revelers detailed in your history books boast membership in our expansive group of creators.  Despite some curious legacies left behind by our Earthly incarnations, Carpet Hunter art is always installed with useful and peaceful intent.

We are excited to co-create with you, for your Earthly perspective lends depth and honor to our collaborations.  We aspire to open your minds and to joyfully design new worlds together.


The weirdest synchronicity you’ve ever had:

Corporeal existence is accompanied by the veiling of true multi-dimensional nature.  We recognize our nature as creators, endowing the power of our creations to move forth and shift into new experiences of their own.  Thus, synchronicity, as you call it, is experienced in every “now” moment for us.  It might seem to you as if we are constantly making decisions.  You are doing this too; however you tend to make decisions based on events not in your “now” moment.  When you make choices centered on each present event, then your every encounter will be synchronistic as well.


Your favorite era on Earth (medieval, Victorian, etc):

There are many of us here wishing to answer.  We will list the most popular contemporary eras in terms of intensity of joyful experience:

  1. The Woodstock era
  2. The Roaring 20’s
  3. Nordic Viking Era
  4. Denisovian Era
  5. Salem (Danvers) Witch Era
  6. Lemurian Era
  7. Fall of Rome
  8. Now

Your perfect Earth would look like:

More harmonious sounds. More laughter. Brighter colors and dampened fears. Deeper understanding of the multi-level consciousness that is expressing itself right before one’s very eyes.


Anything else you would like put in your profile:

It is a great leap of faith to believe in something that you cannot see.  Yet you do it every day when you turn on your electricity, or feel wind on your face.  Our wish is for you to believe that there exists a constant stream of communication between yourselves. You have many, many friends; and the vast majority of them are as yet unseen.  When you acknowledge this connection, then your eyes will reveal the masses that surround you with love at all times.

**Editor’s note:  The Carpet Hunters is channeled by Kimberly Darwin.  The group chose the name as a challenge to common societal associations.  “Carpet” represents the “magic carpet” of Earth legend which is endowed with mystical properties; and “Hunters” represents a quantum treasure hunt, for artists often leave signs and portents for each other to discover across multiple timelines and coordinates.